Workers switch jobs, prefer hybrid and freelance work

VIETNAM: Job switching and combined working have been a growing trend among the Vietnamese, along with the strong preference for freelance work.

These are the results of an in-depth report that Anphabe published on the big shifts of working in Vietnam sponsored by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Hybrid has been seen as the future of work and has gained popularity during the pandemic. Managing Director and Inspiring Happiness at Anphabe Thanh Nguyen suggested that to attract and retain talent, businesses must consider hybrid work as a clear future trend, especially for teams whose nature of work can be completed at any location.

The results of the online survey indicate that only 40% of knowledgeable workers want to return to the office completely whereas up to 56% of them prefer to choose a hybrid work, allowing them to work from home while others are on-site. Notably, 4% of the respondents quit their full-time job to switch to freelance work and work wherever they choose.

New graduates have opted to be freelancers because of the flexibility it provides. Up to 53% of intellectual staff have joined the gig economy, wherein a worker signs up with a company on a short-term and per-task basis using tech platforms. The research further notes that the impact of Covid-19 will increase part-time freelancers in the gig economy to 57%.

The number of employees who want to quit their jobs for freelance work is at the highest. It is two times higher than the number of employees who can work from home; and three times higher than those that can work at home and office, according to the survey.

Despite the high unemployment rate, the employee turnover rate is also extremely high, with up to six out of 10 people actively seeking new jobs. Known as the Big Quit or the Great Resignation in the U.S. and Europe in 2021, this human resources paradox is now in Vietnam in which employees voluntarily quit en masse.

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