Workers 'job-hop' for added hours and income

VIETNAM: With a "no-overtime" policy in place across most businesses, manufacturing factories in Ho Chi Minh City are scrambling to retain employees who aspire to earn more than a standard full time wage.

A significant segment of factory workers are now choosing to ‘job-hop’ to escape the low monthly base salary in factories, instead finding jobs in industries where they can work longer hours in exchange for additional pay.

Manufacturing companies have already been offering incentives and bonuses to new hires, while they also reach out to new workers based in rural areas through employment service centres.

Market observers said the pandemic has also given rise to several entrepreneurs who prefer online sales or motorbike transport "gigs" over traditional blue-collar jobs.

The labour shortage is especially hurting the local garment industry, which employs a quarter of the total processing and manufacturing workforce in Vietnam.

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