Workers in Singapore clamour for higher salaries

SINGAPORE: Amidst a high cost of living and a continuing labour crunch, workers in the country are pushing for pay increases even beyond the usual yearly increments.

Data from the ADP® Research Institute’s People at Work 2022: A Global Workforce View reveals that 63% of workers are ready to request a raise, especially those between 25 and 34 years old (69%).

Singapore experienced record vacancies of 114,000 jobs open in the market in December, more than twice the number recorded in 2020 at 54,000.

Workers feel they deserve a pay rise due to the number of added hours of unpaid work many of them do. On average, 43% of workers feel they work between six to 10 hours of unpaid overtime each week.

The respondents place a higher-than-average focus on pay (71%) and think of pay as the most important factor at work, according to the study.

Yvonne Teo, Vice President of Human Resources, Asia Pacific, ADP, commented on the findings: “Employers should bear this in mind in today’s tight labour market, where maintaining a stable and skilled workforce is paramount yet more challenging than ever. Employers have to reconcile the drive for higher wages with business continuity. Financial incentives alone are unsustainable in the long term and compensation can only get talent through the door.”

People at Work 2022: A Global Workforce View explores employees’ attitudes and expectations towards work, at present, and from the workplace of the future. ADP Research Institute® surveyed 32,924 workers in 17 countries in November 2021. This included countries in the Asia Pacific (7,644 sample size), Europe (15,683), North America (3,829), and Latin America (5,768).

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