Why recruitment "ghosting" is a rising issue for HR

CHIEF OF STAFF TV: Firms and recruiters should be using automation tools to ensure clear communication with job candidates, even the unsuccessful ones. So says digital transformation expert Laurence Smith in the latest episode of The HR Agenda.

He was responding to a 2021 survey by Forbes, which revealed that 77% of job seekers said they had been "ghosted" — or left waiting for a call that never comes — by a prospective employer at least once since the onset of Covid-19. Meanwhile, 76% of employers say they have been ghosted by potential job candidates in the same time frame.

So why do employees and job seekers suddenly cease communication and ignore each other part-way through recruitment process, and what are the costs involved for organisations?

Smith says he understands how it can happen, particularly in smaller organisations where HR are often wearing several hats at once. But he warns larger firms should have technology in place to let unsuccessful candidates know that they have not been selected, "at a press of a button”.

The long-term risks of not doing can be seen in the gradual deterioation of an organisation's employer brand. “Take in a minute or two and just draft a little note, because the world is a very small place,” Smith says.

Hear more from Chief of Staff Asia's Paul Howell and Laurence Smith in the clip below, or see the full episode of The HR Agenda at this Youtube link.

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