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WHO SAYS: Quotes of the week by HR influencers and leaders

THOUGHT LEADERS: Here’s what HR and business leaders across Southeast Asia and global HR communities have to say on today’s pressing issues:

“You can’t try to appreciate someone on their way out. It is a little too late.” Camille Madriñal, Associate Director for Recruitment (Philippines & Malaysia), Nezda Technologies Inc.

In a recent LinkedIn thought piece, HR services firm Nezda Technologies Inc.’s Camille Madriñal shared her insights about employee trust. Madriñal said that employees are an organisation’s most valuable asset and they shouldn’t be treated poorly.

She explained that it’s a little too late to take action and make an effort for employee well-being when they’re on their way out.

“It takes courage to admit that something is not working out for you.” – Ruby Jaucian, Chief Human Officer, AbolitzPower

Manila-based Ruby Jaucian, Chief Human Officer at electric company AbolitzPower said it takes courage to determine if something is not working out.

Jaucian explained that people need to remove the stigma placed heavily on quitting and recognise that knowing when something is beyond one’s skill can be empowering and can lead to better opportunities and success.

“Self-care is how you take your power back.” Syukri Azman, Global Senior Training Program Specialist, Indeed

Singapore-based Syujri Azman, the Global, Senior Training Program Specialist for employment website Indeed said that everyone’s mental health impacts every aspect of life, including one’s career. He explained that taking a breather and recognising what your body and mind need is vital and can be empowering.

WHO SAYS? — a curation of insights from HR leaders and business professionals across Southeast Asia — appears on Chief of Staff Asia every Tuesday at 3:00 pm.

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