WHO SAYS? Quotes of the week by HR influencers

Updated: Oct 26

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Here’s what HR and business leaders across Southeast Asia and global HR communities have to say on today’s pressing issues:

Alexis Pham, financial institution Home Credit Vietnam’s Chief People Officer, shares her thoughts on diversity, equity and inclusion. Pham said that a successful strategy enables people to feel empowered, live the life they want, and give back to their organisations.

In celebration of World Mental Health Day, Senior Vice President for Human Capital of Filipino carrier Philippine Airlines, Danreb Oira called on individuals to be more sensitive and understanding in the workplace. Oira added that we should laugh, enjoy the moment and celebrate small wins.

In an interview with ETHRWorld International, Lance Foo, Group Head of Talent for Asia-Pacific at technology services firm NCS Group said agility defines the future. Foo added that talent leaders could influence their teams by fostering an environment of transparency and empathy.

Farida Charania, CEO of Singapore-based neuro-diversity-focused employment agency Empauwer said a focus on diversity helps to build a more substantial organisation and not hold them back. Charania shared this insight as part of the Innovation@Work conference by Economist Impact in Singapore.

Jerviel Lim, Head of People and Culture at Singapore-based software firm Tatsu Works believes quiet quitting is a personal choice. In a Linkedin post, Lim added that employees should be clear about what they want and choose a company that aligns with those desires.

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