Virtual hiring focus to continue: Chief of Staff research

Recruitment professionals throughout the region believe online hiring strategies will live on well past the end of the pandemic, citing overwhelming preference from both hirers and candidates.

That is one of the key insights found in Chief of Staff Asia's latest research paper, released today and titled Onward and upward: Hiring strategies for post-Covid talent markets. The comprehensive report also explores the growing reliance on recruiters for achieving workforce diversity goals, and the exacerbated talent crunch in key industries.

One industry survey found that as many as 78% of recruitment professionals believed remote hiring strategies, in which candidate selection takes place entirely in virtual spaces, would continue even if the pandemic was to disappear without a trace. Most of them believe this new virtual recruitment protocol would become the "new standard" across the hiring industry.

On the organisation side, employers are finding they are able to get to know and understand their candidates without significant drops in hiring quality. Doing this without the expense and time needed for in-person interviews has meant greater value for money throughout the recruitment process.

For candidates, the virtual experience is also proving preferable, with four out of five happy to find their next jobs from the comfort of their own homes.

The report, released today, is available for free download for all Chief of Staff Asia subscribers.

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