Virendra Shelar: Innovating in diversity

In the second part of Chief of Staff Asia’s interview with Virendra Shelar from OMRON, the head of the company’s Global HR strategy division describes the principles in handling a hugely-diverse global team that also aims to contribute to a better society.

COS Asia: How does OMRON’s principle-based management prove useful in managing its diverse workforce in the current work environment?

Shelar: OMRON Group’s mission is to improve lives and contribute to a better society by solving social issues through our business. To realise this, we have been focusing on creating a diverse talent pool that can lead innovation to solve current and future social issues. When diverse talents work together and challenge themselves with shared principles, it leads to greater innovation.

Here, the role of OMRON’s principles-based management and staff behaviour comes into the picture, irrespective of the business situation.

COS Asia: What are those specific principles?

Shelar: One of our core values is “Respect for all”. It’s the strongest virtue driving our human capital management. We strive to become an organisation in which people with varied beliefs and value perceptions can fully demonstrate their capabilities and bring out their unique potential by following OMRON principles. This leads us to become a sincere and strong company where people can grow, enjoy work, and continuously improve performance.

OMRON has been around for 88 years, and I am glad to state that we have sailed through varied challenges by thoroughly focusing and following practices completely based on our principles and values. This has made us stronger and more agile than before.

This feature was extracted from Chief of Staff Asia's exclusive interview with Virendra Shelar, president – OMRON Management Centre Asia Pacific, and general manager -- Global HR Strategy, OMRON Corporation. For further coverage please see any of the below links:

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