Vietnam to send 90,000 workers abroad for seasonal jobs

Updated: Jan 27

VIETNAM: The Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA) is expecting to send 90,000 labourers abroad this year, with South Korea, Japan, Germany, and Taiwan as the four most common destinations.

Tong Hai Nam, MoLISA Director-General of the Department of Overseas Labor, said the department had renewed its labour cooperation agreement with Thailand; and also implemented contracts with South Korea, Japan, and other countries.

The department has also assessed the initial phase of exporting labour to Romania, and Poland, among Eastern European markets. It has reinforced local support to enable the trial phase of sending workers for seasonal jobs in South Korea.

The director-general also emphasised the department’s focus on disseminating and implementing the legal documents on labour export to ensure its workers abroad are protected.

With regulations restricting the entry of foreigners in 2021, only around 45,000 Vietnamese workers were sent abroad last year.

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