Vacationers urged to get tested before returning to work

THAILAND: With more than 1,000 Omicron recorded on New Year’s Day, Public Health Ministry Secretary Dr Kiattiphum Wongrajit has urged workers who travelled out of town for the holidays to take an antigen test before returning to work.

Those who test positive should isolate themselves for at least 14 days, he added.

“If it is absolutely necessary for you to return to work right away, take another test to ensure you are not infected," he said. "During the first week back at work, take two tests at an interval of at least three days and avoid having close contact or sharing meals with others for at least 14 days.”

Kiattiphum said that if an infection was found in an office or factory, it was not necessary to close off the entire premises because business owners can employ bubble and seal measures to protect outsiders.

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