USD 1.5 million in seed funding for Worca's HR tech platform

HR TECHNOLOGY: Worca, a global HR and Employer of Record platform that targets recruiters in the technology sector, has raised USD 1.5 million in seed funding.

The funding will help it to reach out to technology companies specifically within the Asia Pacific region, among other target markets.

Specialising in cost-effective, global HR solutions, Worca empowers start-ups at all funding stages to scale up efficiently with the benefits of Employee of Record services that enable fully compliant hiring in a wide range of different jurisdictions. The company says its streamlined process lets clients build global teams at speed, with retention rates as high as 96% per year.

Worca CEO and founder Ti-Wen Lin said the platform’s “automated and easily scalable global talent management solutions can help match tech companies with the right talent for their next growth phase”.

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