Urgent travel arranged for Filipino workers in Kuwait

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

PHILIPPINES: The Philippines Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) says it arranged emergency travel for 250 distressed Filipino workers who had fallen victim to employment-related scams and contract violations in Kuwait.

Urgent travel arranged for Filipino workers in Kuwait

DOLE Secretary, Silvestre Bello III, said that the workers arrived back in the Philippines at the start of September. They received further assistance with quarantine accommodation, and transport services for their journeys back to their respective places of origin.

“These workers have either finished their contracts or have expiring exit visas and (have been) victims of various employment contract-related violations,” he said.

“This continuing effort to achieve the country’s first massive repatriation campaign is truly inspired by the government’s commitment to serve our modern-day heroes. I thank Secretary Bello for being at the forefront of this great endeavor,” said Labor Attaché Nasser S. Mustafa.

It is not clear whether the 250 migrant workers will continue to work in the Philippines or will be able to work overseas again after a period of time.

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