Upskilling the workforce is a must for ASEAN development

SOUTHEAST ASIA: ASEAN member countries must upskill and develop their respective workforces as major industrialisation plans are put in place, the organisation has advised.

It stressed that it will be necessary to develop human resources from low- to high-skilled industries across Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam if these nations want to increase their participation in the global value chain.

“ASEAN member countries are targeting specific sectors that will shift their economies up the global value chain and thus from low- to medium-and-high skilled industries,” it said.

“These prioritised sectors will require specific human resource development strategies as the structural change from low to high-skilled industries requires time to achieve, particularly since low-skilled industries are still running profitably,” it added.

In Southeast Asia, most countries are engaged in manufacturing and are targeting to be key hubs for specific advanced-level industries, including healthcare (Malaysia), aerospace (Thailand), and new technologies (Indonesia).

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