Upcoming research: The latest trends in Executive Education

Chief of Staff Asia's next exclusive research paper will delve into the latest from business schools and executive education providers across Singapore and the Southeast Asia region.

The Trends in Executive Education research paper will be launched on Tuesday, April 12, and will highlight many of the innovations and new frameworks that have been seen across the sector over the last few years. It will also delve deep into the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on teaching methods, enrollment levels, and academic results.

The research will delve into the following questions, and beyond:

  • Are MBAs still relevant? And are businesses continuing to invest in higher degrees for their senior leaders?

  • How have teaching methods changed in recent years, including because of the Covid-19 pandemic?

  • How can HR leaders find the right executive education program for their key leaders, and how and when can they measure the return on that investment?

Lead author Alex McInnes says the sector is famous for creating a balance between tried and tested teaching models, and innovative new practices. "MBA providers in particular have to offer flexibility in order to accommodate busy leaders looking to improve their executive skills," he said. "But Covid-19 workplace restrictions have also applied to classrooms, leaving business schools no choice but to 'adapt or die' over the last two years."

To reach out to Alex and his team, email: mbareport@chiefofstaff.asia

For sponsorship and included content enquiries, email: partnerships@chiefofstaff.asia

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