UOB Malaysia upskills staff on data analytics

MALAYSIA: Employees of a major Malaysian bank can now master their skill sets in data analytics and project management, through a programme introduced to ensure future employability and career planning.

UOB Malaysia has expanded its training programme, Better U, to all its employees who have finished the mandatory foundational modules that focused on growth mindset, problem-solving, digital awareness, human-centred design, and data storytelling.

The bank intends to expand specialised tracks in other areas, such as artificial intelligence and sustainability, by 2023.

Almost 70% of its employees have completed the foundational modules. UOB Malaysia expects that number to increase by a further 22% this year.

The data analytics and project management tracks have three progressive fully digital stages designed to be in bite-sized content best for upskilling. Each stage allows participants to learn and acquire skills based on their level of experience and knowledge. Employees can study at their own pace and convenience.

Executive director and country head of HR, Lai Tak Ming, said it was vital to empower and equip staff with the right skillsets to navigate the finance industry’s changing needs, both today and in the future. "The two new tracks of the Better U programme — project management and data analytics — are essential skills that can be applied across all functions in the bank,” he said.

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