Udacity and FPT Software tie up for IT training and mentoring

VIETNAM: Technology education platform Udacity signed an agreement with IT firm FPT Software to enhance the latter's fully-sponsored upskilling programme for its employees through Nanodegree, Udacity's extensive training and mentoring programme.

Nguyen Khai Hoan, FPT Software’s Chief Finance Officer (left) with Marc Jones, Regional Vice President of Udacity

Udacity and FPT Software plan to bring Nanodegree to IT freshers and other students to define their roles in enhancing FPT Software’s technology capabilities for global expansion. The three-year deal provides 9,000 courses on data science, AI, machine learning, the internet of things, cloud, blockchain, and security.

Tech experts from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, among others, partnered with Udacity to share knowledge and insights from the Silicon Valley, in-depth technology updates, and extensive mentoring activities.

“FPT Software is a great example of large-scale global companies putting people first. We are excited and look forward to creating a great impact with FPT Software, both in terms of business and giving back to society," Marc Jones, Regional Vice President of Udacity, said.

According to Nguyen Khai Hoan, Chief Finance Officer of FPT Software, the partnership represented the tremendous intangible values that go beyond borders as FPT Software invests in its talented people and advanced technological capabilities.

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