Two in three Singaporean adults experience high stress levels

SINGAPORE: According to a wellness survey, Singaporean adults were the most stressed among a collection of international workers across all age groups, with as many as two in three respondents indicating so.

The annual OSIM Wellness Survey 2022 found that those between 24 and 55 years old experienced moderate to high stress levels, with 60% indicating moderate levels of stress, and 12% indicating high (a total of 72%).

Those between 16 and 25 years old came next to the working adults in terms of experiencing moderate to high stress levels (65%). Senior workers followed at 49%.

The survey focused on the stress levels and coping mechanisms of 432 working Singaporeans aged 16 to 70 following the past two years of the pandemic. It also zoomed in on the participants’ stress experiences, assessments, and management.

The research further showed that to cope with stress, the usage of digital devices went up by 11% over the past two years, from 58% to 69%.

Lynn Tan, Deputy CEO of OSIM International said, “We hope to encourage more people to make use of such devices and technology to have a better and clearer understanding of their well-being, such that stress management can become more data-driven and precise, and form an integral part of their health and wellness routines.”

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