claims highest gender equality in local travel sector

Updated: Mar 10

SINGAPORE: Locally-based travel services provider Group says it leads the rejuvenating travel industry when it comes to female representation.

The company announced its latest data in line with International Women's Day this week and shared that more than 50% of its employees were female. Women also comprised 43% of its leadership positions, where nearly one-third of management were at the vice-president level and above.

The data reflects the company’s position in driving female representation and gender equality in the sector when in 2021, half of the new employees were women, and an equal number of women and men were promoted in the same year.

To further push its industry-leading position, the company has published an online magazine about women’s experiences from across the travel industry. Called 2022 Women in Travel, the publication presents 12 inspiring and thought-provoking inspirational stories of female success and highlights the experiences of women in pursuit of gender equality.

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