The new Instagram account driving pay transparency

Updated: Mar 15

MALAYSIA: With its tagline, "Goodbye wage taboo", employees from different industries are sharing their salaries anonymously on an Instagram page launched to advocate for pay transparency and better salaries across the country.

The account, named Malaysian Pay Gap, has now become an avenue for Malaysian workers to share exactly how much they are being paid. It stands amid a culture where talking about individual salary components is still considered taboo. The site currently has 149,000 followers.

Based on the posts, jobs that require more technical skills or unique knowledge pay the highest, as compared to more general professions in the marketing, law, hospitality, and education fields.

While the wages posted are not confirmed, and purely anecdotal, they do come at a time of greater scrutiny on Malaysia's wage models. A report by a local newspaper showed that the country's employers contribute only 25% of national Gross Domestic Product to wages, the lowest across the Southeast Asia region. This compares to 40% in Singapore, 76% in the Philippines, and 84% in Indonesia.

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