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Travellers flock to Asia for the Lunar New Year

ASIA-PACIFIC: Thailand is the top destination for tourists for the upcoming holiday, making up 27% of the flights to the region.

This is according to data from travel marketing platform Sojern, which looked at global travel plans for the Lunar New Year.

Japan and Singapore, at 19% and 18% respectively, are the second and third choices for travel to the Asia-Pacific, followed by the Philippines and Malaysia.

"While the impact of inflation in the region hit last year, our data shows travellers aren't willing to sacrifice travel this holiday season," Lina Ang, Managing Director APAC at Sojern said.

Meanwhile, Singaporeans are keen to travel within the Asia-Pacific Region, making up 16% of the flight bookings for the season. This is followed by travellers from the US (12%), Thailand (9%), Taiwan (8%) and Japan (7%).

"Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs) and hoteliers should take note of those destinations showing the most interest from inbound international and regional travellers, and use intent data to reach these potential travellers with messaging from your particular destination or property."

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