Tourism and hospitality sector remains top choice for Thai graduates

The Tourism and Hospitality sector remains the most sought-after industry for employment among graduating students in Thailand, according to new research by Universum.

Despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the sector, 27% of Thai graduates would still opt to work in the tourism and hospitality sector, making it the most preferred destination for this year's graduating class. It was followed by manufacturing (25%), education (21%), and then advertising (20%).

An optimistic outlook from the younger generation is good news for the country’s continuing plans to reboot tourism.

The survey also revealed that the majority of Thai students are open to working in the public sector, where salaries remain stable, as opposed to private firms that have experienced steep drops in salary during the pandemic. A focus on high-performance jobs, competitive benefits, and competitive base salaries are some of the factors that attract Thai graduates to employers.

Firms can use this information to curate employment offers to attract Thai millennials and Generation Z by creating competitive and innovative roles.

While company websites remain the most common source of employment information, with 52% of responders saying they rely on it, social media is also used regularly in Thailand. 47% of students rely on Facebook for job postings and career-related information, which exceeds even Google which was useful for 41% of respondents.

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