Slow progress on women in leadership: Carmen Wee

THE HR AGENDA: Singapore-based HR stalwart Carmen Wee says the region still has a problem with getting women into leadership and board positions.

While the gap between men and women at the top is shrinking, the board director across a number of technology startups says the change has not been anywhere near significant enough.

The "data is still mixed," she told Chief of Staff Asia's The HR Agenda in the latest episode of the panel discussion series. "Women have been at the short end of the stick as far as the opportunities, and what they had to deal with looking after their families is concerned."

Wee shared that there has also been a change of emphasis from those measuring diversity and inclusion goals across each organisation and economy.

"The pandemic has paved the way for not just 'D' (diversity) and 'I' (inclusion), but also DEIB: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and the Sense of Belonging," she said.

"(But) we are still not seeing significant progress in how Southeast Asian countries treat the roles of women."

Wee says HR teams and leaders have a great role to play in accelerating the pace of change, with far greater advocacy needed at the highest levels.

"We are still far from saying that women have advanced. We can't ignore the business benefits of looking after female employees," she said.

Hear more from Carmen Wee and Chief of Staff Asia's Paul Howell in the clip below, or watch the full episode here.

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