The HR Agenda: On HR going digital, and shorter work weeks

Updated: Apr 29

THE HR AGENDA: Are HR leaders in the region up for this challenge and drive digital transformation in their workplaces?

Join host Paul Howell on The HR Agenda’s latest episode that digs deep into the digitalised world of work, with insights from the celebrated author on this very topic, Laurence Smith. He says this represents a golden opportunity for HR leaders in the region. The real owners of HR should step forward, and be the most digital-savvy people in the world,” he attests.

This latest episode will also focus on how some organisations in Southeast Asia are embracing a four-day working week. Are they prepared for this setup? Watch the episode, released today, to find out why Smith remains “dubious” about a smooth transition.

Lastly, find out how technology is used in developing compensation and benefits packages for employees today, with health-related benefits becoming an even greater priority since the pandemic.

All this and more, only here on The HR Agenda.

Catch the full episode here:

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