The HR Agenda: The post-Covid office, and non-compete clauses

THE HR AGENDA: It is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. The latest episode of The HR Agenda focuses on the gradual return to the office for Southeast Asian professionals entering the ‘New Normal’ phase.

Mayank Parekh, CEO of Singapore’s Institute for HR Professionals joins host Paul Howell, in a conversation that delves into what the workplace comeback looks like, what it entails, and how workers are likely to adjust moving forward.

Parekh admitted that going back to the office was not an easy conversation to start with staff, considering that they have been productive over the past two years working remotely. However, he believes that at some point, there should be some balance between being able to work anywhere, and being able to reconnect in the office to re-establish the lost social capital.

The discussion also moves on to the pros and cons of non-compete agreements for staff. Among the significant points, Parekh shed light on the risks that HR and employers face when former employees freely join a competitor. He explained that employers have a legitimate claim and a reason to protect the company, pointing out the possibility the business advantages erode when the ex-employee moves to the competitor.

Lastly, not to miss, is the latest recruitment technology that helps firms through each stage of the process. Chief of Staff Asia’s Technology Editor, Vandana Nanwani, presents some of the advantages that job aggregators, such as Glassdoor and, offer when facilitating mass hiring.

This, and much more, are in store in this latest edition of The HR Agenda.

View the full episode below, or via this direct YouTube link:

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