The HR Agenda: Mental health; graduates; and HR Tech startups

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

CHIEF OF STAFF TV: Chief of Staff Asia's exclusive panel discussion series, The HR Agenda, has dropped its first episode for HR professionals throughout Southeast Asia, with some big names tackling some even bigger issues.

See the full episode here.

Chief of Staff Asia's Justin Harper (former journalist with BBC and Mercer) shares the spotlight with Singapore-based HR consultant Sam Neo (CEO of People Mentality), with the two experts discussing key issues facing the HR community here in Southeast Asia.

In particular; they focus on the growing mental health crisis in workplaces around the world, but particularly here in ASEAN. The discussion also looks at the university and college graduating classes of 2021, and how they will impact already underused labour markets around the region.

Vandana Nanwani, Chief of Staff Asia's technology editor, also joins to share some insights on the fast-growing HR technology market in this part of the world.

See the full episode via YouTube here, and be sure to like and subscribe to Chief of Staff Asia's platforms to see the next episode as soon as it is available.

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