The HR Agenda: HR trends in 2022, and "ghosting" recruiters

Updated: Jan 27

CHIEF OF STAFF TV: The latest episode of Chief of Staff Asia's exclusive panel discussion series, The HR Agenda features digital transformation expert, Laurence Smith, in a deep dive conversation with host Paul Howell. See the full episode here.

The focus begins on HR trends that are expected to rule in 2022. These include some ongoing phonomenon that have become even more important due to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The discussion also looks into the unique HR bugbear of "ghosting" — when employers and sometimes even candidates don't get back to those that have applied for work, or even interviewed for a specific role.

Vandana Nanwani, Chief of Staff Asia's technology editor, also joins the program. She shares an exclusive interview with co-founder of EngageRocket, CheeTung Leong, where they discuss people analytics and the technology involved with it.

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