Laurence Smith: Digitalisation is about people, mindsets, culture

THE HR AGENDA: Digital transformation is not all about technology, according to Asia-based expert Laurence Smith. Rather, it is also about people, mindsets, and culture.

Speaking as part of the latest episode of The HR Agenda, Smith highlighted how HR leaders have been charged with enabling and driving the digitalisation happening in their work environments.

“HR should be the biggest enabler, the change ambassador, change supporter, change champion (when it comes to digital transformation).” he said.

Smith corrected one of the biggest myths he had seen working with several companies: that digital transformation was all about technology. That will often create more hurdles and headaches for the business over the longer term.

"If digital transformation is all about people, mindsets, and culture, HR needs to be personally confident and the most competent people in the room,” he added.

The author of Transformation Mindset: 10 Things Leaders Should be Doing Today to Turn Crisis into Opportunity went on to advise HR leaders to be in tune with digital transformation by reinventing themselves and exploring all things digital in their daily interactions.

“How can you be a credible HR partner if you don’t understand the digital world and the business people you are supporting, and the digital business models and prototypes they are building?”

On thoughts about the life span of digitalisation, Smith had this to say: “The most successful digital transformation has been about how you’re making the job better, quicker, (and) easier through the smart synthesis of machines and humans, of digital and people. I think that would continue for a few years.”

See the full episode of The HR Agenda at this link, or check out the clip below for more on Laurence Smith's thoughts on digitalisation today.

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