A "bumpy ride" to dispel overworking cultures: Wee

THE HR AGENDA: Changing long-held working traditions of long days and few breaks will be a difficult endeavour, but still vital for long-term employee health and wellbeing, HR expert Carmen Wee has told Chief of Staff Asia.

That's despite some of the most recent studies showing that overworking does not necessarily result in more work being produced. The only real conclusion is that it can pose a significant health risk for employees, which reduces productivity over time.

Speaking in the latest episode of The HR Agenda, Wee says she hopes to see more HR leaders putting in place practices and policies that will be a lot more family-friendly and more flexible in terms of options.

She admits there is a lot of work to do in achieving that result, and that it is going to be a "bumpy ride," particularly given the open-ended pandemic. However, Wee recommends "starting now to know where we can flex the policies as much as we can."

The HR leader stressed the need to build, retain, and protect the culture of innovation in the company, which entails how to treat the workforce and take care of them.

"The hard part is building a leadership culture that is authentic, human, transparent, and more open," she said.

Hear more from Carmen Wee on this topic in the clip below, or see the full episode at this YouTube link.

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