The HR Agenda: A four-day work: Is this the Great Recalibration?

THE HR AGENDA: Digital transformation expert Laurence Smith calls it "The Great Recalibration". With a four-day working week, can organisations and their employees truly adjust?

Smith believes the transition may be far more difficult than many are predicting, and even those companies already embracing a shorter-working week may find further challenges ahead. “Organisations and leaders would have a lot to learn to make this work effectively,” he told Chief of Staff Asia's YouTube program.

It’s a wait-and-see “generational thing” for Smith, with five or 10 years for the setup to become comfortable and familiar for both staff and organisations.

“The four-day workweek could be a blessing in disguise and give us more time to give back, to spend more time with the family, or work on a personal project, side hustles, businesses, and create gig economy opportunities," he said. "(But) we have to wait to see how it works out.”

Some costs might be attached to reducing an employee’s time “at work” by 20% every week. Smith believes Asian employers are not shelling out massive costs “if they are removing the non-sense work, the low value-added work from the equation, and giving people more value to attend to customers or stakeholders.”

Will the four-day workweek arrangement make for a better employer-employee relationship? Would it cause a work-life imbalance in the other direction?

Know how the rest of the discussion went. Watch the full episode here or the clip on this particular topic below.

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