Thai employees choose work-life balance over higher salaries

THAILAND: According to study by Michael Page Thailand, 69% of Thai workers are prepared to give up a salary increase or promotion in exchange for a better work-life balance, general wellbeing, and happiness.

The study also discovered that there has been a surge of resignations in Thailand, with 37% of workers leaving their positions after less than two years and 81% of workers seeking for new employment opportunities in the coming six months.

"Companies starting their digital transformation may find the learning curve steep. However, the pay-off is worth it in the long run. Embracing digital tools will be crucial in a world where remote-working has become the norm. Companies that have embraced digitisation have the advantage in a competitive talent landscape, as they will no longer be restricted by geography when hiring," said Kristoffer Paludan, Regional Director of Michael Page Thailand.

A mixed work arrangement that combines working from home and the office is preferred by the majority of the survey's respondents (82%).

Moreover, 33% of Thai professionals feel a lack of a clear DE&I commitment will prevent them from actively seeking a job opportunity. Sixty-one per cent of Thai professionals have inquired or plan to ask about a company's DE&I policy during interviews.

As a result of the pandemic, priorities have also changed, as 70% of applicants think that employee performance and evaluations should take into account employees' mental health and well-being.

Meanwhile, 52 per cent of responders feel their workload has grown since the Covid-19 pandemic. The majority, or 86%, think that their business does not actively attempt to ensure work-life balance.

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