Technology and operations skills in highest demand for 2022

SINGAPORE: Roles in Data Analysis, Digital Marketing, and Strategy and Operations are set to be the three most commonly advertised positions this year, according to the Emerging Jobs and Skills report, recently launched by NTUC Learning Hub.

Rounding out the top 10 types of positions expected to be in demand were: Data Visualisation, Digital Strategy, Probability and Statistics, Machine Learning, Social Media Marketing, Big Data, and Public Relations.

NTUC LearningHub’s Director of Strategy Soh Hooi Peng said the prevalence of data analysis and strategy skills, along with other technology-led backgrounds, was a sign of the importance of digital proficiency and tech-savvy in the workplace of the not-too-distant future.

"These insights on the in-demand job roles and skills are a useful resource for workers who are looking to stay employable and competitive," she said. "Acquiring these skills can certainly benefit workers, regardless of their sectors or functions, to adapt well to digital transformation and efficiently navigate workplace disruptions.”

The main technology skills employers are expected to look out for this year were data analysis (49%), cybersecurity (45%), and digital marketing (44%). The others across all sectors included project management skills, machine learning (41%), data-driven decision-making (35%), IT support (30%), governance, risk management and personal data protection (28%).

650 working professionals (both employers and employees) joined the survey in December 2021 from across Singapore’s six major industries. The study sought to unveil perceptions about the ongoing job market, emerging jobs and skills, and the training landscape.

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