Tech to the rescue for labour-intensive enterprises

VIETNAM: Many companies faced with acute labour shortage are resorting to technology solutions to continue operations, manage risks and epidemiology, and even cut costs.

Woodwork producer Truong Thanh Corporation (TTF) is one of the companies that was amazed by the efficiency of using technology to sustain its traditionally human capital-intensive business. TTF general director Nguyen Trong Hieu claimed, “The deployment of the technological solution is very simple and not costly. Just after 48 hours, we completed the work for 2,000 workers.”

Tran Viet Anh, deputy chair of the HCM (Ho Chi Minh) City Business Association and chief executive officer of Nam Thai Son Import/Export said, “Enterprises are facing a lot of difficulties, including a requirement on one test every one week, discovering and tracing Covid cases inside companies and ensuring necessary distance among workers on the same production line.

Business leaders quickly realized they need a technology-managed production that automates the basic control process in real-time and without manual supervision. In the New Normal, factories must be resilient with upgraded administration skills, solutions, and tools.

Pham Thi Ngoc Thuy from the Private Economic Sector Development Research Board commented, “There are more enterprises taking the initiative in using technologies, and the process needs the companionship of technology firms which can provide suitable digital solutions.”

FPT, Vietnam’s largest Vietnamese information technology group, recently launched FPT eCovax to enable enterprises to operate even in future pandemics. The technological solution manages the equitable division of labour, and the location and type of works to minimize risks for staff. It also detects positive Covid cases and high-risk cases, with the system informing the managers to quickly begin contact tracing.

“We can only suppress Covid-19 when we have prevention measures, when we have real-time data and when we can act more rapidly than Covid-19,” said FPT president Truong Gia Binh.

When Covid cases are discovered, companies that use eCovax do not have to shut down the factories. They can immediately identify the locations of high-risk cases and their contacts and localise risky areas in the smallest possible area while the other departments continue operating.

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