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TDCX Thailand begins upskilling programme for CS professionals

THAILAND: HR professionals looking to offer opportunities for employees to grow in the modern workplace could emulate TDCX Thailand's new leadership training programme. The multi-awarded digital customer experience solutions provider will upskill its customer experience professionals in the areas that the World Economic Forum considers crucial by 2025: critical thinking, agility, and problem-solving.

The programme was launched as a response to accelerating technology adoption and growing customers' preference for swift problem resolution.

Employees are expected to gain more competencies in responding to customer needs more efficiently and keep up with the demands of the modern workplace. Moreover, the programme also consists of leadership and management lessons aimed at preparing employees for senior roles.

TDCX's digital learning platform, FLASH Learn, is a significant tool in facilitating the upskilliong programme. FLASH Learn is interactive and entertaining because of the use of gamification concepts. It also allows employees to obtain training on-demand and at their own speed. This is especially crucial given TDCX's mixed work style.

In-person training will be provided as part of the programme to ensure that staff will meet the intended learning goals and incorporate them into their tasks. Employees will devote a total of 40 hours to the training programme. This is in addition to training specifically connected to their roles.

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