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TDCX, a people-first company, group chief HR officer says

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

INTERVIEW: “Because we are a people business.” That is how Group Chief HR Officer Lim Chee Gay positions Transformative Digital Customer Experience (TDCX), as a people-first Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service.

Lim credits its success to digital and technology tools while complimenting his employee-value proposition in an exclusive interview with Chief of Staff Asia.

This drive to hire high-potential employees led to growth in 12 global locations with almost 18,000 talents. Lim’s HR leadership involves heavy TDCX brand-building. As a BPO-enabler of the digital economy that continuously creates value through customer experience, Chief of Staff Asia was curious about what it takes to get into TDCX. So, we asked.

“We look for a high-performing individual who fits into the culture and has the competency, initiative, innovation, and courage to challenge the status quo,” Lim said.

“We emphasise a lot of trust and teamwork. That is our TDCX culture. We are looking for this kind of talent.

“We also look at leadership competency, an individual contributor, someone with a goal mindset and can learn, perform, and deliver the result. This way, we want to delight our clients.”

While there is no perfect way to determine instantly if a prospective employee is a match, Lim said the company has the right tool for this.

“We have a tool that can predict their suitability by looking at behaviour traits to find whether they are fit for the customer service role, sales, or creatives. Those are the things in our prediction tool.”

So, how does TDCX do this during the hiring process?

“When we hire our agents for our clients, we have questions on language competency. They must be bilingual, highly proficient in English, and their native market.”

Lim said another technology helps with the recruitment process.

“We have an online assessment tool called Flash Hire. Our recruiter will heavily depend on it before interviewing the candidate,” Lim said.


Lim leads TDCX’s branding, putting much spotlight on its campaign #BeMore.

We want our employees to be able to do more and believe they can do more. That is what TDCX is known for, empowering employees to take charge in their roles and to change. It makes sense. Change is a constant for us,” he explained.

Lim said part of the #BeMore campaign also centres on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact branding.

“Our pillar as part of the ESG is to be happier, kinder, and greener. We want our employees to do more, be happier in their jobs, be kinder to the community and be greener to the environment.”

Speaking about change, Lim concedes employee turnover is typical among BPOs.

The Group HR Officer revealed that TDCX has lower attrition rates than its competitors due to the role of technology in the company.

“Career progression, a better offer, and of course, personal reasons cause attrition,” he explains.

“We spend a lot of time on employee experience. We look at how we attract our candidates, take their feedback seriously and address them timely. That's why we use Flash Hire every nine days to see if they are happy. We want to find out whether they engage or not."

He points out, “The other thing we do involves using lots of data on predictive attrition based on historical trends. Then we have an intervention to address that. We want it to be a ‘Great Attraction’ instead of a ‘Great Resignation'.”

“On career progression, we go back to our employee value proposition. We want to live up to that promise by spending a lot of effort developing employees. We have many trainers and career coaches. We have a structured way of progressing our employees to the next level with a career development plan. We internally promote 14% of our population."

TDCX invests in keeping its employees, Lim said, adding that he considers the three-year mark crucial.

“The first three years are usually critical for a BPO. If they stay for three years, they will work longer with us. That is our intention, to be able to retain our employees.”


As part of its employer branding, TDCX also emphasises mentoring practices.

Lim’s team subscribes to Mentor HR, a product that helps with the mentoring process, "(This means) to be more and expand as we continue. Be large in our capability and competency, hire and meet all our client expectations, delight our customers, be more for employees, be more for our stakeholders and be more in digitising our processes."

This feature was extracted from Chief of Staff Asia's exclusive interview with Lim Chee Gay, Group CHRO of TDCX.

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