Tata's "Talent Central" helping to build its learning culture

LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT: Tata Communications has taken a forward-thinking, technology-based approach to upskilling its employees, and prepare them for crucial roles within the company.

"Talent Central" is a new Artificial Intelligence-based platform that gathers insights from across the company’s systems to enhance the learning culture within the organisation.

The programme intends to bridge the skills gap by strengthening the talent pipeline via universities and other higher education providers. Tata is confident that Talent Central will enhance its learning culture over the long term, garner positive business results and actively cater to its employees’ career aspirations.

Commemorating World Youth Skills Day on July 15, Ina Bajwa, Global Head, Learning and Development at Tata Communications (pictured), said the programme would prepare young people for the future workforce. It will also increase their employability by delivering industry-grade education.

“Increasing the employability of our youth has always been important, but more so today, when we are crawling back to normalcy after a global pandemic and the Great Resignation which has caused a shortage of skilled talent,” Bajwa said.

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