Survey: Workplace biases limit opportunities for women

SINGAPORE: Conscious and unconscious biases in workplaces are seen to constrict opportunities for females in leadership and technical areas, according to the latest survey by global jobs platform, Indeed.

The study revealed that 34% of respondents said women had fewer leadership opportunities than men, and 36% said they had more periodic changes in technical professions.

Women also experience more workplace harassment and are treated with less respect than men, according to almost one in four survey participants.

When asked about gender equality in Singaporean workplaces, the majority (74%) agreed that there was equality.

Almost half (49%) of the male respondents said that there were equal opportunities in their workplaces, while only 34% of women concurred.

The survey also suggested that men still seem to dominate specialist fields, including technology. Only 13% of women stated they would want to work in the technology industry, if choosing a new profession, as compared to 26% of the male respondents.

Florence Yap, Senior Manager of Talent Attraction at Indeed Asia Pacific, said the picture that emerged from the research was nuanced. "While a significant number of women say that they have attained equality at work, there is also evidence that some gender biases remain," she noted. "The responses suggest Singaporean companies are making headway in addressing inequality, but that there is a considerable way to go."

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