Survey: Filipino employers show distrust while in a hybrid setup

PHILIPPINES: Seven in 10 Filipino employees (71%) claimed that their supervisors micro-manage and show distrust in a hybrid and remote work setup, according to a survey.

Global technology firm Cisco’s survey "Employees are Ready for Hybrid Work, Are You?" showed that this result is higher compared to Southeast Asia’s average of 65%.

According to Anupam Trehan, Cisco’s senior director for people and communities in Asia-Pacific, Japan, and China, a lack of trust can make employees feel their workplace is a “defensive” environment.

Cisco’s president for ASEAN, Tay Bee Kheng, said that it may take a while for companies to adopt the hybrid scheme. However, she urged companies to be more attentive to the needs of employees in a hybrid arrangement.

Another challenge for employees in a hybrid setup is the tools they need at work.

Only 29% of the Filipino respondents revealed their companies were “very prepared” for hybrid, while the majority (81%) said the networking setup is critical for a “seamless” remote work. Around 27% of the surveyed employees pointed out that their companies still do not have the proper technology.

Improved employee wellbeing

The survey results suggest that the hybrid work model also has its advantages. Ninety-two percent of the Filipino respondents believe that the hybrid setup improved their well-being and made them “happier." This indicated a higher-than-average result of 87% for the ASEAN region.

With flexible work hours and less or no commuting, 86% of the respondents shared that the hybrid setup led to a work-life balance, saving them at least four hours a week because of remote working.

Additionally, about 90% of the Filipino employees cited they were able to save over PHP 344,000 a year under a hybrid setup, with fewer expenses for transportation, food, and entertainment. Over 90% of them attributed better family ties to remote work.

Cisco surveyed over 1,050 employees in the Philippines; and 28,000 from 27 countries.

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