Study: Business leaders find job satisfaction during the pandemic

Updated: Feb 23

SINGAPORE: Senior business executives have experienced an improvement in their working lives since the pandemic began, a survey by Economist Impact has revealed.

Economist Impact, a business unit of The Economist Group, in collaboration with WeWork, surveyed 100 senior business and HR leaders in Singapore, all with responsibility for setting working arrangements. The other participants are 400 employees at the manager level and below.

The research found that 72% of directors and C-suite leaders believed the pandemic had positively impacted their work-life balance. Only 25% of employees believed the same, while 31% said it became worse.

Singapore had the lowest proportion of employees experiencing a poorer work-life balance since the pandemic started, out of all the six countries surveyed. The other countries in the study were the US, UK, Australia, France, and Germany.

The findings also indicated that 99% of the business leaders were happy with their jobs, compared with 68% of the employees.

Mayank Parekh, CEO of the Singapore Institute for Human Resource Professionals noted that this satisfaction gap had likely come because business leaders had had more hectic travel schedules than employees before the pandemic. Staying at home due to flight restrictions naturally resulted in a hugely improved work-life balance for them.

He also pointed out the greater negative impact of pandemic restrictions on parents with younger children. These were more often employees and mid-level managers, not business leaders.

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