Southeast Asian workers supportive of CSR, survey shows

SOUTHEAST ASIA: Sixty-one percent of Southeast Asian workers believe that it is their employers' duty to contribute to the good of society. Such undertaking could be performed through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

A report released by research firm Milieu Insight revealed that such sentiment is shared by 73% of employees in the Philippines, 68% in Thailand, 53% in Malaysia, and 48% in Singapore.

The survey respondents also expressed optimism about the implementation of CSR policies. Findings show that some 59% of Southeast Asian workers consider such policies important in making a positive impact.

The employees who agreed were from the Philippines (59%), followed by Singapore (64%), Malaysia (57%), and then Thailand (51%).

However, more than a quarter of employees (29%) think that CSR is made for branding or public relations campaigns. Most of the skeptics were from Singapore and Thailand with 31% each. Malaysia followed with 27% and then the Philippines with 25%.

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