Snatchjobs app promotes a more efficient job-matching process

SINGAPORE: Snatchjobs, a Singapore-founded tech company, uses a network of Telegram channels and its new application to advertise for jobs across many in-demand sectors.

Information Technology, healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing are some of the industries that the career platform caters to, with more industries added every month. Snatchjobs' recently launched app and its established telegram channels allow job seekers to receive job recommendations through notifications and filter out categories according to one’s preferences.

The clear-cut interview of the Snatchjobs app enables job seekers and employers to have direct connections, thus allowing for more convenient coordination of interviews and appointments.

Snatchjobs acquired more users during the Covid-19 pandemic, in addition to its 100,000 subscribers since its launch in 2018. Additionally, it announced last month that it raised USD 1.1 million in seed funding to fuel growth in Singapore and execute their overseas expansion.

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