SMEs tap on grant scheme to improve workplace safety

SINGAPORE: Over 500 small and medium-sized enterprises have tapped on a grant to adopt technology solutions that help to improve workplace safety and health standards.

The Productivity Solutions Grant offers financial support of up to SGD 30,000 for business owners to adopt IT solutions, equipment and consultancy services that improve productivity.

One such solution is the electronic Permit-To-Work system, that can give greater visibility over selected high-risk work activities, such as working at heights.

In addition, fleet safety management solutions have been implimented to improve situational awareness of drivers, and warn of collision risks.

Minister for Manpower Tan See Leng said offered these examples in Parliament recently, in response a question on companies implementing workplace safety and health-enhancing technologies.

Tan said the correlation between the adoption of technology solutions and workplace accidents depends on the particular technology solutions and industry-specific risk factors.

But there have been some promising results.

"We found that the adoption of Fleet Safety Management solutions resulted in 93% fewer fatigue episodes by driver, and 58% fewer potential collisions," he said.

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