1 in 3 Singaporeans can ‘live without WFH’, survey finds

Updated: Oct 28

SINGAPORE: A survey by AsiaOne found that 35% of Singaporeans can do without work-from-home arrangements.

The survey, conducted between August 18 and 25 this year, polled over a thousand Singapore-based employees about their job attitudes.

Among those who indicated they can go without WFH, 36.8% were aged 55 and above. Respondents aged 25 to 34 were the least likely to say no (29.8%).

Meanwhile, 38% of respondents said they want 10 or more flexible days a month or about two-and-a half-days a week on average.

The survey also shed some light on employees’ motivation these days.

Sixty-percent of respondents said that having a work-life balance is a major motivation in choosing a job and staying in it, while 54.2% said compensation and benefits are major driving forces.

"It is interesting that work-life balance was the most commonly cited by all age groups above 25 as an important motivator for choosing and staying in a job," AsiaOne's Consumer Insights and Analytics Office head Edmund Chua said.

"It reflects that the Singaporean workforce is not just satisfied with having good compensation and benefits."

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