Singaporean workers prioritize health over work, survey shows

SINGAPORE: Health and wellbeing remain the top priorities of employees in Singapore, according to Microsoft Corp.'s second annual Work Trend Index report, “Great Expectations: Making Hybrid Work Work.”

Findings showed that 52% of Singaporean workers are more likely to prioritize their health and wellbeing over work than before the pandemic. Moreover, forty-seven per cent of respondents consider family and personal life more important than work.

The newly adjusted preferences of employees reflect their geographical movements. The report revealed that 38% of respondents are contemplating relocating because they can work remotely in their present roles while 30% are likely to explore relocation in the coming year, even if it means finding a new remote opportunity.

As they seek new jobs, the major aspects of work that workers consider as “very important” for a company to offer are positive culture (46%), mental health/wellbeing benefits (42%), a sense of purpose/meaning (40%), flexible work hours (38%), and more than the standard two weeks of paid vacation time each year (36%).

Other locally relevant trends traced by the 2022 Work Trend Index are the differences in expectations of managers and employees when it comes to returning to work, the challenge of understanding the new hybrid setup rules, the importance of relationship-building, and the digital overload.

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