Report: Singapore leads the region in whistleblowing action

Updated: Oct 11

SINGAPORE: Singapore companies are the region's second top performers when it comes to handling whistleblowing complaints effectively, according to Baker McKenzie’s Asia Pacific Whistleblowing Landscape: Benchmarking and Best Practices report.

The report, which is based on a survey of 523 business leaders in Australia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, showed that only 6% of the companies surveyed received criticisms about their handling of whistleblower reports.

Whistleblower complaints are also rising at a slower pace in Singapore, with only 31% of the respondents saying the number of complaints received in the last year had increased.

The average figure for the region stands at 41%.

The report also found that 64% of Singapore companies' whistle-blower policies commit them to carrying out an investigation when reports are made. This is higher than the regional average of just 49%.

The number of Singapore companies that had accidentally broken confidentiality obligations is also much lower than the regional average.

Only 13% report an instance where this had happened, compared to an average of 30%.

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