Singapore to recruit doctors from India to fill shortage

SINGAPORE: In an effort to ease the workload of its doctors and supplement healthcare capacity, MOH Holdings (MOHH) is seeking to hire 180 junior doctors from India over the next three years.

MOHH is the holding company for Singapore’s public healthcare system.

On September 6, a tender for the proposed acquisition made its rounds online. MOHH has since confirmed its authenticity, adding that it was "recruiting from countries with qualified doctors" such as Australia and Britain as well, and not just India.

The tender is set to close today, October 10, with the aim of recruiting 60 medical officers from India yearly between 2022 and 2024. There is also a possibility of an extension to an extra year to 2025.

MOHH says it is seeking candidates who graduated from specific medical schools, recognised by the Singapore Medical Council.

In order to meet the needs for healthcare professionals, MOHH has been recruiting about 700 junior doctors per year, 90% of which are Singapore residents trained in its medical schools or returning locals who graduated from recognised universities overseas.

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