Singapore to provide mental health support via mobile app

SINGAPORE: As part of the national effort to care for the people's overall well being as impacted by the pandemic, the Singaporean government is looking to improve access to mental health care by creating a platform that will connect those in need of counselling with certified psychologists and other relevant healthcare professionals.

An undisclosed digital mental health platform and a pharmaceutical firm have signed an exclusive partnership to provide access to biopsychosocial care in the country.

The program partners aim to create a community of care and expertise while being mindful of the Singaporeans' need for convenience and fast service. Thus they made accessing the platform made easier with just a few clicks on a mobile phone.

The development of the online platform will be acknowledged by the Health Promotion Board of the Singapore Ministry of Health. The platform also serves as an inventory of mental health resources that includes a roster of counsellors, physiologists, psychiatrists and primary care doctors.

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