Singapore’s health ministry on the verge of allowing employees to return to the office

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

SINGAPORE: The city-state is slowly reopening with restrictions on the Food and Beverage industry and social gatherings slowly lifting, but work-from-home remains the default mode of operation for most of the nation’s workforce.

According to the Singapore Ministry of Health, this default position aims “to reduce overall interaction within workplaces and on public transport.

Employers are reminded to ensure the practice continues, and for employees that need to come to the workplace, to stagger their start times and implement flexible working hours.

As Singapore’s vaccination programme reaches its next important milestone (with 50% of the population fully vaccinated), the Ministry of Health added that it was most concerned with this figure as the key to mitigating the risk of further outbreaks.

The Singapore Government is hoping to achieve the 50% milestone by the end of July, and then to have two thirds of its population vaccinated by its independence day (National Day) on 9 August. Upon reaching the first milestone social gathering group sizes may increase to eight, dining-in will be increased to eight if all at the table are fully vaccinated and group sizes may be doubled to 500 for large-scale events including business events, if all attendees are fully vaccinated.

Singapore is offering the Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty or Moderna vaccine to individuals. Both are mRNA delivery systems and require two injections separated by three to six weeks. Residents are defined as fully vaccinated once both injections have been received and a fortnight period has passed after the second dose. Recovered individuals will also qualify as eligible as they have built a natural immunity.

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