Singapore's defence force seeks highly-skilled digital workers

SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Defence says it will establish two new training organisations, amid the "multi-faceted and ever-changing" security threats that confront Singapore and its armed forces.

The new Digital Ops-Tech Centre aims to equip the defence forces with a quick response team that is well versed in data science and artificial intelligence technologies.

Likewise, the Centre of Excellence for Cyber Range will train the SAF's Cyber Defenders and contribute to a highly-skilled workforce, capable of defending Singapore's critical infrastructure from cyber-security threats.

The two centres are the first key organisations within the Digital and Intelligence Service, which was announced earlier this year as the fourth of Singapore's armed forces (in addition to the army, navy, and air force).

"A highly-skilled digital workforce is key to the digital defence strategy of the Singapore Armed Forces. The Digital and Intelligence Service will focus efforts to attract and develop both military and non-uniformed digital experts to grow (our) digital workforce," the ministry said.

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