Singapore rolls out changes on Employment Pass eligibility

SINGAPORE: Employment Pass (EP) applicants need to score 40 points under the Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS), in addition to the new qualifying salary.

The government introduced the new points system to help Singaporean companies in hiring high-quality foreign workers while ensuring workforce diversity.

New EP applications from September 1, 2023 will be scored based on four foundational criteria: Salary, Qualification, Diversity, and Support for local employment. Moreover, if EP candidates meet certain qualifying conditions, they may obtain extra points. These bonus criteria are for applicants whose skills are in shortage and aligned with strategic economic priorities.

To assure the quality of EP holders, the EP qualifying wage will be benchmarked to the earnings of the top third of the local PMET workforce. From September 1, 2022, EP holders must achieve a higher qualifying wage.

The minimum wage for EP candidates in the banking industry has also been raised to USD 4,064 (SGD 5,500) from USD 3,694 (SGD 5,000). The additional requirement will be applied to new applicants beginning in September 2022 and to renewal applicants beginning in September 2023.

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