Singapore relaxes restrictions on migrant workers

SINGAPORE: After two years of coronavirus restrictions, migrant workers in Singapore no longer require special passes to leave their dorms after authorities loosened movement restrictions.

Most Singaporeans were only restricted from moving for a short time, but foreign labourers remained mostly confined to their dwellings, except for when they have to work or run errands.

Migrants can now attend specifically constructed "recreation centres" and apply for special "exit cards" to access designated places through a program developed by authorities.

On Sundays and public holidays, however, the government still requires citizens to apply for permits to visit four well-known destinations, with up to 80,000 passes offered each day.

Although she recognizes the removal of the exit pass requirement, Desiree Leong of the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics, a local organisation that aids migrant workers, described the remaining rules as being "racist."

“For the rest of us, we don’t have movement restrictions anymore,” she said. “It’s difficult to see why those restrictions still apply to migrant workers.”

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